The physical strains of depression

I’m feeling worn out recently; both in myself and physically in my body.

I really would love to say that I’m just feeling sad and that I have beat depression, but I know that lying to myself or to this little blog of mine would be entirely pointless so I am not going to do that. I made this blog to reveal the truth about mental health issues so that is what I am going to do, whether I find it a challenge or not.

Depression doesn’t always simply fester in your head, but can also lead to aches and pains Unfortunately due to my low mood I now have a sore upper back/ shoulders, and have been excessively tired and feeling like I haven’t slept even when I’ve had 8 hours+ sleep.

It is a vicious cycle.
You feel low, you tense up and you get other physical side effects like butterflies, feeling sick or headachy (especially if you’ve been crying); or you feel achey, sore and tired and that just reminds you of how depressed you feel or leads you to feel depressed.

If you know someone struggling with depression, please try to be as patient as you possibly can and don’t just assume they’re making it all up in their heads- because depression can also physically wear you out, and it isn’t their fault (or anyone else’s for that matter).
This goes for yourself too, if you are struggling with depression please be patient and gentle with yourself, depression is a horrible thing and takes a while to get out of. But I promise you it is possible to beat it.

For the meantime, here are a few of my top tips for combatting the physical side of depression:

  • Have warm baths (bubble baths are always a bonus)
  • Heat up a water bottle/ beddy bear and lie with it on your back (or wherever is aching)
  • Try to rest and sleep as much as you can. I know personally I often suffer from not being able to sleep, but it does your body so much good just lying there and allowing you body to rest and relax, even if you’re not actually asleep
  • Try mindfulness. Sometimes concentrating on relaxing your body can ease the pain
  • Most importantly, go easy on yourself. Don’t beat yourself up if you haven’t done everything you wanted to do that day. We are only human and we are not perfect. Tomorrow is a new day and you can try to finish tasks you haven’t completed then

I hope this is helpful and isn’t too much of a ramble.

I recently read an article about physical depression which I thoroughly recommend; The Elephant In The Room.