Thoughts on mental health services (UK)

When I first went to the GP after developing anorexia, he said it was just a phase and sent me away. Consequently, in the long run I ended up in hospital for nearly a year.

Because I am under 18 I got help much quicker, but even then it was a push and my parents were practically my lawyers in the way that they demanded my help and never stopped pushing for the support I so desperately needed.
Without their constant push for support/therapy I think it’s unlikely I’d be here today.

So many times people have brushed off my problems simply because I haven’t attempted suicide. No amount of self hate or even self harm matters, and it is shocking.
How could someone turn away another who, in turn, may end up killing themselves due to lack of help?
It is truly awful and it is times like these I despair for those struggling with mental health conditions.

So many people are turned away by the health services. They turn a blind eye, pretend that these mental illnesses aren’t happening.
Some aren’t even actively turning them away; there is just so little understanding around mental health issues that they simply cannot recognise and successfully diagnose and treat them. Well, at least in my opinion/experience that is certainly the case.

The government keeps cutting funding to mental health services in the UK, whereas actually mental health services desperately need more funding, not less!
Why is it that if I broke my leg, there’d be tens of people rushing to help; but if I suffered a serious bout of depression or other mental illness I’d be left alone?
It is wrong on so many levels.

For example, I go to Epsom CAHMS eating disorders services, and funding cuts have meant that they now have to stop accepting referrals/ patients who are at a healthy BMI. What that essentially means is that they will not help you until you are sick enough to not just mentally be ill, but physically be paying the price by being underweight. That means only a small percentage of eating disorders such as anorexia and EDNOS will be treated, and other equally as serious mental disorders such as binge eating disorder or bulimia will be left untreated unless they reach the weight criteria.
As if there isn’t enough pressure to be thin anyway, without needing a service that discriminates against BMI! Essentially you have to get worse to get better if you want extra help. And that thought breaks me.

I am lucky I am receiving help, I just wish everyone could get the same treatment.

This post was inspired by ‘The crisis is not “the cutting”‘; a thought provoking post on Sombrayelalma blog that I completely relate to. I definitely recommend a read.

Articles discussing the mental health crisis:
Sky News
The Independent

Mental health charities such as Mind oppose these cuts. Click here to see campaigns and articles on the Mind website.


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