Why evolution/ human nature is no reason not to accept transgenders

I read an article earlier today about how we should not be accepting transgender, but instead ‘help’ them as it is a ‘mental disorder’.
I, however, do not agree.

The article stated that transgender was a mutation and made no sense/ was not naturally human in other words. However they accepted gay/ lesbian relationships.

Let’s get things straight, none of transgender, gay, lesbian, bio sexual, asexual etc. is problem or thing that needs fixing.

Humans have been around for thousands of years, of course we are going to be different. It is likely almost all of us have mutations of one form or another; in fact mutations that are beneficial or not a problem often become part of who we are as humans. We are a species, and like any other we are developing.

Now I understand that originally the key purpose of human (and most animal) life is to reproduce, and therefore being attracted to the same sex is illogical fitting that theory.
BUT as humans have evolved to be a highly intelligent and thriving race, we no longer have this instinctive need to reproduce, or at least not as strong as perhaps it once was. Therefore it cannot possibly be a problem or issue that needs revolving, as relationships are no longer purely based on the idea of having children. Many couples, opposite sex or same, have no wishes for children at all. And if a same sex couple wants to have children, there are ways they can such as adoption.

Transgender is no different. It may not have made sense when humans first evolved, but in today’s modern society there are many factors that could effect this, and at the end of the day it is their life and their choice, the least we can do is accept it.
Their choices in life are none of our business and as long as they are happy and feel that they belong in their bodies, then that should never be an issue to us or anyone else.

Whether you agree with transgender or other sexual preferences or not, the least you can do is accept other people for who they are; not everyone is the same as you and we are all entitled to our own views.

I hope this made sense and I’d really appreciate any feedback.

The link to the referenced post is here, but please be respectful because although I disagree, they are entitled to their own views and should not get penalised for that.

Hope you enjoyed this post. Feel free to click read more to read the original article at the end of this post.

Thanks for reading.

Post from Man Medicine, October 17th 2014

Typically when you hear an argument against gays, either against gay rights or the concept of homosexuality itself, it is that being gay, or doing gay things, is unnatural. We now know with the advancement of various fields of science that this is not the case; gayness, and being gay, do happen in nature. That is a thing. We know this now.

Transsexuality, on the other hand, is literally and by definition exactly that. Being, or becoming, or feeling like you are the gender that you are not, is not a natural thing. Changing one’s gender is literally a biological impossibility. No person will ever truly be anything other than their birth gender no matter how much they self-mutiliate or drown their bodies in foreign hormones. If sexuality is in-born, so must be gender.

The consensus idea seems to be that allowing victims of Gender Identity Disorder to transition will alleviate the problems they experience mentally. This is not the case. Among transsexuals, 41% have attempted suicide. The regret among those who make the permanent decision to mutilate and poison themselves is extreme. Most of the people who make these mistakes realize it and regret having done it. Mental health in those cases does not improve because transitioning to the opposite gender does not help the mental illness surrounding gender identity from causing dysphoria and misery, it enables them.

If a person is of the opinion that they are an animal, we do not encourage them to transition to life as an animal and indulge them for the sake of being nice, we call them delusional and we get them the treatment they need. They pay a social price, and rightly so. If something as fundamental, basic, and biologically unalterable as one’s gender is causing them anguish, the healthy thing to do would be to disabuse them of their mind-altering fantasies. Let’s be understanding of these so-called “transgender” people, and get them the help they need to alleviate the pain of their identity disorder.

We should help them, not enable them. I, for one, refuse to redefine myself and use absurd, manufactured words like “cisgender” simply because society would rather indulge the mental problems of a confused and sick individual for fear of making them feel bad. I will not specify what pronouns you should use, and I will not indulge your delusions. If you want to dress as someone you’re not, that is perfectly fine. Do what you please. I cannot control you. It is fun to pretend. Realize, however, that I will not pretend with you.


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