What do you want to read?

I’ve got quite a few ideas for posts, but I don’t know which are more appealing/ interesting? Seeing as you are the readers, I thought it would be best to ask for your opinion.

Here are some of my post ideas/ options for me to post about:
• Life is like a loo roll (an analogy I made up but personally think is totally accurate)
• Why I hate the term ‘anorexic’
• How to make peace even if you don’t necessarily think you were in the wrong
• More poems/ pieces of creative writing I’ve done
• Other drawings I did and the meaning behind them [see my last drawing post here]
• Posts on certain therapies (CBT, DBT, Mindfulness, music etc.)
• Exercises for each of these therapies, or general overviews?
• More about my personal experiences

So, what ideas stick out to you? What would you like to read?
I made this blog to reach out to people and raise awareness, so I want this blog to be not just about me and my experiences, but you and your experiences too.

I would be absolutely delighted to do have guest posts/ do an interview with anyone who is interested, I’m open to suggestions of that nature too so please feel free to email me at myjourneywithrecovery@gmail.com if that appeals to you.

Thanks for reading.